A Goodbye Letter, for Now

A Goodbye Letter, for Now:

A narrative poem for Intro to Poetry. A part of a poetry collection entitled A Timeless Exchange.

Who has chosen me?
To have something to hold in my hand,
Another promise to believe in,
The yellow post-it reminding me to breathe,
But it’s lost its grasp,

This imaginary town you have built, 
Has disintegrated unobtrusively in my palm,
Days of screeching, echoing yawns,
Dreaming even when awake,
The shadows showed better light today.

These four corners have surrendered me 
Into three: 
The dazzling child,
The fragile dreamer,
Seas of desolate, aimless grief.
God, take me now, take me, please—

To the field of yellow, 
With primrose rolling near. 
But darkness absorbed the haven.
The falsehoods that seemed sincere.
My little house burst in a fiery haze. 
I hope the smoke will stay today. 

I have tried but I don’t fit, 
Into this life, you call my only gift
The guardians smile in disbelief,
“How does such sorrow 
catch someone as small as she?”

I promise, mother, 
I have grown weaker, 
My tears are only half full.
I’ve only grown half as tall
But my roots have been pulled 
I’m just a sonnet, half composed.
Rewind and pick the alternate ending.

On my final night,
White flowers were placed at the edge of each breath.
The town you built, 
Should never have been.
Just a sick child, waiting for their final wind,
I bid you a fond farewell, my dearest friend. 

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